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About Us

WhatAreThese? is all about being unique.  We have always had a "stupid" sense of humor.  At least, that's what our "significant others" tell us.  We decided to put this quirky humor into something positive.  We love to play on words, as you can tell by a majority of our designs.  Although, we create about 80% of our shirts, some of our best designs have come from you, the customer.  Please, if you have an idea for a shirt, submit it to us.  If we use it, we will pay you kindly for it.  We want to thank all of our previous customers who have helped us create these silly and offensive shirts.

Although humor comes first, a high quality product and top rated customer service are a close second. When you order from WhatAreThese?, you can have the confidence that you will receive only the highest quality products.  We back this up with our 100% Guarantee.  If you don't like a product for any reason, just send it back to us for a full refund.  

So, go browse our products and then buy something.  We appreciate your business!!



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